Canon 70-200mm Zoom Lens

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
70-200mm F/2.8 4’7″ 77mm EF FF 3.62 lbs

With an incredible range of 70 to 200mm, this professional Canon EF Mount zoom lens is the premiere pick for live shows, interviews, indie films, zollies, home videos, and hot air balloon shows. All you need to make this lens cinema ready is to add a third party focus gear. Easy.

Some call it a kit lens – because no kit is complete without it. One DP who didn’t book this lens on an important shoot is quoted saying, “Oh crap, I totally forgot that lens…and now my entire shoot is shitting the bed! FML!”

Once you go L-Series, you just don’t go back. The dynamic housing is also incredibly resistant to dust and water, making this a durable choice for shooting at racetracks, bbq’s, or basically any country music video ever. This f2.8 Canon EF Mount L-Series Zoom has won our hearts, and it will probably steal yours, too.