Canon FD 50-300mm | The Final FD

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
50-300mm T/4.9 6’ 136mm PL FF 12.34 lbs

Canon FD 50-300mm (The Final FD) | Contrast Cine - Nashville Film & Video Camera Lens Rental

Angenieux has a storied reputation for its cinema lenses, so it should come as no surprise their photo lenses are just as beautiful and full of character.Introduced in 1969, the Angenieux 45-90 f2.8 made waves as the first zoom lens made for Leica-R and the fastest zoom lens available at the time. The lens features pleasing sharpness, feathery bokeh, low contrast, and highlight blooming. Despite being such an innovative piece, only a thousand were made. Our rehouse by GL Optics has brought this piece of cinema history back to the forefront. The lens shines as a compact, FULL FRAME, T2.9 zoom with vintage character.According to the Film and Digital Times, this lens was made because “working with Leitz made Pierre Angénieux personally proud.”Now it makes us proud, too.