Canon Rangefinder 4-Lens Set

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
35mm T/1.7 9” 110mm Leica M FF 1.67 lbs
50mm T/1.1 1’3” 110mm Leica M FF 2.45 lbs
85mm T/1.6 1’9” 110mm Leica M FF 3.22 lbs
100mm T/2.1 2’4” 110mm Leica M FF 3.04 lbs

Canon’s 50mm f/0.95 “Dream Lens” is legendary among still photographers. Released in 1961, it was a technical marvel that was unrivaled in speed for nearly fifty years. This icon is famous for its warm images, expressive flares and razor-thin depth-of-field, but it also exists within a family of striking 1960’s rangefinder lenses that share many of those same qualities. The entire set has single-layer amber coatings that lend a honey-hued tint to each frame and set these lenses apart from the multi-coated FD’s and K35’s of the 1970’s.

Because of their short back focal length (BFL), these lenses are offered in Leica M, Canon RF, and Sony E mounts only.