• No Contact Rentals & Service:
    Pickup and return are now grab & go. All gear will be labeled and left for pickup in our secure front bay area. The same place is used for Dropoffs. Just leave gear for return, cleaning or service there and inform us by call, text, or the front doorbell.
  • Enhanced Cleanliness Protocols:
    All equipment, cases, work surfaces, door handles, and electronics are being cleaned and disinfected before and after every rental visit with EPA approved cleaning products.
  • Extended Holding Periods:
    After disinfection, equipment will be held for a minimum of 48 hours before being rented out again. This extra safety measure fits between the 24-72 hour
    window the virus can survive on surfaces.
  • Personal Hygiene Preparedness:
    All staff are required to avoid direct contact with others, wash hands regularly, and wear medical grade protective equipment like fresh gloves each time equipment is pulled, prepped or cleaned. All team members are instructed to quarantine themselves if feeling ill and will stay at home or care facilities for a minimum of 14 days.
  • Practice Social Distancing:
    Staff numbers are being reduced to the minimum necessary to keep the shop running. All interstate and international travel is restricted, and staff are required to avoid large gatherings and try to stay approximately six feet from the nearest person.