DZOFilm Vespid 8-Lens Set

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
16mm T/2.8 9.84” 80mm PL FF 2.05 lbs
25mm T/2.1 1’ 80mm PL FF 2.08 lbs
35mm T/2.1 1’ 80mm PL FF 2.08 lbs
50mm T/2.1 1’3” 80mm PL FF 1.61 lbs
75mm T/2.1 2.0’ 80mm PL FF 1.91 lbs
Macro 90mm T/2.8 10.16” 80mm PL FF 1.76 lbs
100mm T/2.1 2.3’ 80mm  PL FF 1.96 lbs
125mm T/2.1 2’7” 80mm PL FF 2.04 lbs

Use our @DZOfilm Vespid Prime Set to capture that cinematic look you want, even when your budget doesn’t align with your creative vision.

The 8 primes range from 16mm  – 125mm and project a 46.5mm image circle, which makes them perfect lenses for full frame digital cinema cameras.

The smaller size of these lenses is ideal for shooting handheld, mounting onto a gimbal, or for use with a drone.