Elite Series 7 2x Anamorphic 5-Lens Set

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
24.5mm T/2.1 3’4” 136mm PL Super35 6.11 lbs
40mm T/2.2 2’4” 114mm PL Super35 6.31 
50mm T/1.9 3’3” 114mm PL Super35 6.94 lbs
75mm T/1.9 3’3” 114mm PL Super35 7 lbs
100mm T/2.3 3’3” 114mm PL Super35 7.94 lbs

The Elite S-7 2X Anamorphics are some of the most distinct lenses in our inventory.

They provide a range of looks and styles across different T-stops. At T1.9 these are some of the fastest anamorphics out there. Wide open they offer a dreamy look, with pronounced vintage lens characteristics: highlight blooming, monster bokeh, and edge softness. Stopped down to T2.8 or 4 they sharpen up in the center and provide a more tame, but still textured look. 

These Soviet lenses create complex, smooth magenta and green flares; a refreshing change from the harsh blue lines commonplace in many anamorphics. They are full of charming surprises; depending on the light’s angle, they can pop off with gorgeous veiling, soft streaks, or subtle rainbow flares. Their curved aperture blades add the swirl of Cooke Speed Panchros to the already stylized vertical bokeh, making them like none other.

To truly push the boundaries of your style, give these a look.