Kowa Mirrorscope 2x Anamorphic 3-Lens Set

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
40mm T/2.3 3’ 80mm PL Super35 2.51 lbs
50mm T/2.3 3’ 80mm PL Super35 2.73 lbs
75mm T/2.5 3’ 80mm PL Super35 2.78 lbs

30mm Adapter

The Mirrorscope 30mm adaptor is the widest wide angle adaptor available. It fits on the front of the 40mm Kowa giving an even resolution across the whole field of view. Fits 80mm and 74mm front barrel diametres.

30mm Wide-Angle Adapter | Contrast Cine - Nashville Film & Video Camera Lens Rental

Our Kowas prove you don’t need to sacrifice quality for comfort as one of the most compact anamorphic lens sets available. Their pronounced bokeh, distinct flares, and creamy tones hit all the marks for a signature anamorphic look. The Kowa’s low contrast smooths skin while their warm tones foster dynamic environments for your talent to play in. Rehoused to improve upon the classic design by Mirrorscope, this lens set features new 80mm fronts with 77mm threading for screw-on filter use and accurate focus marks on either side. This model also features modernized internal workings for fluid focus pulling.