Lomo C-Series 2x Anamorphic 4-Lens Set

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
35mm T/2.3 3’6” 162mm PL Super35 10.55 lbs
50mm T/2.3 2’10” 110mm PL Super35 5.51 lbs
75mm T/2.3 2’10” 110mm PL Super35 6.50 lbs
100mm T/2.8 2’10” 110mm PL Super35 7.30 lbs

Our favorite Lomo C-Series round front anamorphics are now fully re-housed! We were the first in the world to get this beautiful @mirrorscope_lenses set completed. These Lomos used to have spinning and telescoping front elements and sticky focus…NO MORE!

These lenses share the same optics as Hawk C-Series glass and create an incredibly textured and organic look. The flares are soft and diffused with subtle coloration.