Schneider ISCO4all Lens Set

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
43mm T/2.4 1’10” 95mm PL FF 1.22 lbs
58mm T/2.4  2’3” 95mm PL FF 1.24 lbs
85mm T/2.4 2’9” 95mm PL FF 1.28 lbs

ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x Adapter

The ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x adapter is essentially a modern-day version of the original ISCORAMA 54.

It produces a 1.5x squeeze factor and it uses the patented ISCO single focus system. The ISCO anamorphic focusing mechanism was unique in that you just set the lens you were using to infinity and then focus was adjusted using the anamorphic adapter. With a lot of other anamorphic adapters, you needed to set the focus on both the lens and the adapter.

The minimum focusing distance of the adapter is 1.4m / 4.59′. The rear thread is 77mm, but there is an included 77mm to 72mm adapter. The front filter thread is 95mm. 2.45lbs.

ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x adapter | Contrast Cine - Nashville Film & Video Camera Lens Rental

We’re excited to be one of the first rental houses in the world to offer @schneideroptics #ISCO4all lens system, which combines three spherical cine primes and a 1.5x Isco 54 anamorphic front adapter.

The front anamorphic adapter is an upgrade of the famous ISCORAMA 54, which is a classic among anamorphic fans. With its 1.5x squeeze factor, the Isco is well suited for 16:9 sensors which now result in a correct widescreen aspect ratio.

The three taking lenses are the compact, full frame, and fast T2.4 APO mini primes (43, 58 and 85mm). These lenses have a vintage quality, trademark rainbow flares, and can also be used entirely on their own.

We think that the Anamorphic adapter’s sharpness and horizontal flares are the perfect compliment to the Dulens rainbow flares, adding a distinct wow factor.

We’ve avoided other front anamorphics because they typically involve special adapters, cumbersome rigging, and dual focus. But this system is designed to work together, has single focus control, and brings tons of character in an affordable and compact form factor. The front anamorphic can also create a spinning anamorphic “mesmerizer” effect with a focus motor for another creative, bendy, disorienting style unique to this setup.