Sigma Cine Classic 10-Lens Set

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
14mm T/3.2 11” 95mm PL FF 2.99 lbs
20mm T/2.5 11” 95mm PL FF 2.77 lbs
24mm T/2.5 10” 95mm PL FF 2.28 lbs
28mm T/2.5 1’ 95mm PL FF 2.83 lbs
35mm T/2.5 1’ 95mm PL FF 2.31 lbs
40mm T/2.5 1’4” 95mm PL FF 3.29 lbs
50mm T/2.5 1’4” 95mm  PL FF 2.68 lbs
85mm T/2.5 2’10” 95mm PL FF 3.02 lbs
105mm T/2.5 3’4” 95mm PL FF 3.81 lbs
135mm T/3.2 1’11” 95mm PL FF 3.19 lbs

So excited to announce we now have 1 of 15 sets of the new @sigmacine Classic Art Primes! With internal uncoated optics and newly developed coatings on the front and rear elements, these full-frame lenses are sharp like modern glass, but bloom and flare softly like vintage lenses. The new coatings reduce light transmission, creating a slower T Stop. But they retain the same f stop and shallow depth of field as the original Sigma Cine Primes at F1.4