Zeiss Superspeed MKIII 6-Lens Set

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
14mm T/2 9” 114mm PL Super35 3.59 lbs
18mm T/1.3 9” 80mm PL Super35 2.77 lbs
25mm T/1.3 10” 80mm PL Super35 2.19 lbs
35mm T/1.3 1’3” 80mm PL Super35 1.93 lbs
50mm T/1.3 2’6” 80mm PL Super35 1.86 lbs
85mm T/1.3 3” 80mm PL Super35 2.39 lbs

Zeiss 14mm T2 Standard | Contrast Cine - Nashville Film & Video Camera Lens Rental

Did you know that the “Super Speed” moniker wasn’t originally used by Zeiss for their classic high speed primes? Fans of Zeiss’ lenses lovingly assigned the name to separate them from Zeiss’ slower “Standard Speed” primes, until the name was officially used to title some of the faster lenses in the CP2 line.

These classic, vintage lenses are sharp, high contrast, and T1.3 throughout the entire range. Our MKIII set covers the Super35 sensor and displays all of the classic “Super Speed” qualities we’ve come to love.