Cooke S4i Cine 5-Lens Set

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
16mm T/2 9” 110mm PL Super35 5.4 lbs
25mm T/2 9” 110mm PL Super35 3.5 lbs
32mm T/2 1’ 110mm PL Super35 4.08 lbs
50mm T/2 1’8” 110mm PL Super35 3.3 lbs
75mm T/2 2’6” 110mm PL Super35 3.86 lbs

Cooke S4i T2 Lens Set: 16mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm | Contrast Cine - Nashville Film & Video Camera Lens Rental

These lenses have a more modern look that’s still tastefully stylized. When selecting the primes in our kit, we went for some of the less traditional focal lengths like the 16mm and 32mm, as it seems cinematographers who prefer Cooke glass tend toward some of the less “standard” focal lengths. These lenses are fast, well-known for their warm color rendition, sharpness, and for the textured bokeh created by their curved iris blades.