Ancient Optics Kowa-R Vintage 8-Lens Set

Lens Close Focus Front Diameter Mount Format Weight
19mm T/4.1 1’ 110mm PL FF 2.25 lbs
28mm T/3.6 9” 110mm PL FF 2.06 lbs
35mm T/2.9 11” 110mm PL FF 2.02 lbs
50mm T/1.9 1’4” 110mm PL FF 2 lbs
85mm T/2.9 2’3” 110mm PL FF 2.68 lbs
100mm T/3.6 3’ 110mm PL FF 2.78 lbs
135mm T/3.9 3’9” 110mm PL FF 3.12 lbs
200mm T/4.1 6’ 110mm PL FF 4.69 lbs

These full frame Kowa lenses were rehoused by TLS. Characterized by their low contrast, sharpness, and focus falloff in the corners, these lenses also offer pleasant purple and gold flares.